Miranda gives pride not only to those who roll it, but also to those who enjoy it. Since the beginning, men have been worried about the legacy for the future generations. The history, the tradition, the knowledge, and the experience go from generation to generation in names, professions, titles and family emblems. Heritage, tradition and personal strive make of the San Andres Valley the best area for plantations of tobacco and also the birthplace of the best cigars in Mexico and the entire world. Miranda celebrates San Andres traditions and family pride that make us to remember the best tobacco legends of Mexico. The perfect humidity of its natural habit, the nobility of the soil, and the hands that work it, give us a legacy, the finest tobaccos for the creation of a master piece that will delight the most exigent gourmet.
The art of Cigar Making has been past on to us for five generations in the Valley of San Andrés. It is time now to introduce you what that is taken to the fields and nurtured carefully. The crop is taken care by tabaqueros we trust, tabaqueros who take great pride in their jobs. Leaf by leaf, the tobacco is cut and taken into tobacco barns, when it is ready, the fermentation and classification process are closely supervised. The tobacco is aged and when time does its job, we begin the creation of our special blend. The excellence of a Caribeños Cigar is the result of the right combination of the best tobaccos grown in the Valley. The excellence of five generation. The Aroma and Taste are the patrimony from the soil where the tobacco is grown. The Blend, is the result of tradition and dedication. The finish is a special forte of our rollers. Caribeños is made from fully aged tobaccos, with a Dark Criollo San Andrés Tobacco Seed blend especially put together for mildness, there is the delicate spiciness of the Mexican Sumatra wrapper for tantalizing taste that will bring you back time and again.
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Tabacos La Victoria, S.A. de C.V.
Sumatra Seed, Mexico
Negro San Andrés Seed, Sumatra Seed, Mexico
This cigarillos have 6 aromatized tastes, instead of the Natural taste: Natural, Vanilla, Cherry, Chocolate, Mint, Kahlua (mexican cognac), «Sex on the beach».

Enlarge photo of the cigar box
Length of the cigarillo:
90 mm
A pack of 10 cigarillos
Protect children from tabacco smoke.